The Ultimate Guide to buy Tankless Water Heater at home

Are you confused whether to bring home tanked water heaters or tankless water heaters? Taking shower in winter months is really an unsolvable issue people face. To solve this problem, water heaters are boon to us in many ways. From dish washing to taking a long cozy bath, it helps with the heated water any time of the day. But the question is which one is ideal for long term use?

Customers worldwide buy water heaters on the basis of few notable points: the quantity of gallon the water heater can serve per minute, the number of members the user has, for what purpose the water heater will be used and lastly the size of the water heaters.

Types of Tankless Water Heater

However, there are several water heaters for different conditions which depends on how much quantity you want to use and the process of heating the water applied, whether natural gas, propane or electricity. There is also a certain model that takes into account the consumption of power thereby putting a restraint to the energy derived.

  1. Storage tank water heater – This kind of water heaters have a storage tank attached to it along with the heating compartment. The water emerges from an insulated unit which is further heated up and stored in tanks which are then delivered from tubes. It works on the basis of temperature and pressure valve which also has an option to regulate and unbolts itself when the pressure increases. The water heaters that work on natural gas and propane consume less energy than the electric water heaters but at the time of purchase, electric water heaters are less priced than the gas ones.
  2. Tankless (on-demand water heater) – tankless water heaters are the most used heating units by people who have a nuclear family. The heater uses coils to warm up water and serves its users on demand. They are also known for energy saving as they can restrain consumption and reduce it by almost 50 percent, which is a far less than normal conventional water heater as they do not have the option of reserving. They are available in all three forms, natural gas, propane, and electricity. They are high priced in terms of tanked water heaters and also deliver limited amount, 3.5 gallons per minute flow rate which is lower than tanked water heaters but tankless water heaters can serve in more faucets which are incapable in the case for tanked water heaters. Get some best tankless hot water heater reviews here.
  3. Heat Pump water heater– heat pump water heaters are totally different from the above two models. They necessitate heat which is swamped from the air which further helps in conversion of cold water to heated water. They are high priced than electric water heaters and require high maintenance than normal models.
  4. Solar water heater – A solar water heater is the costliest water heater among all of them. It is usually stationed on the roof so that it can soak in all the sun rays during the day time that will be used to convert the cold water. Summers are the best time when this solar water heater come into action but loses its spark during winters.  In fact, it is costly to install and requires high maintenance.
  5. Condensing water heater– it is that kind of water heater, which uses a coil to convert the energy like other normal heaters with gas but it has a gallon per minute flow much more than the rest which is 55GPM. These heaters are not ideal since they consume a lot of energy and wastes even more.

Which Type is Best for Me?

So now when you know which type of water heater you want to buy, there are also certain points which you need to check before getting the ideal water heater for home. Let’s have a look.

  • The Fuel origin – choose what kind of water heater you want to bring home whether electric, gas, propane, heat pump or hybrid.
  • The allotted space– before you choose a water heater, make sure you know where to put and space required mounting the heater since there are largely sized heaters as well as small compact size.
  • Duration of warranty– do not forget to check which water heater has the guarantee to serve for a long tenure since it is proved that tankless water heaters run for more years than tanked heaters.
  • The material of the valves – another foremost point that you should consider is the material of the valve whether is constructed out of copper or stainless steel. Stainless steel is the best because it fights with oxidation and corrosion.

The list is endless if we start jotting all the points of discrimination of the water heaters. Technology is evolving daily and researchers are finding new ways to upgrade the systems. Nevertheless, this is all that be put down. Hope the points mentioned are of a great help to the ultimate guide to water heaters at home.

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