The Traditional vs the More Contemporary Rug

Rugs can certainly make any room come to life. The newer version of rugs has moved away from traditional designs as homes get more innovatively decorated. So, a rug of any kind will add to the richness and warmth to your home.


Rugs are the quintessential things that one wants in their living rooms and bedrooms. There can be no better feeling then putting your feet down, and feel them sinking in the warmth and softness of a rug made of the softest of fur or wool.

They help one to develop the theme in a room and also add the finishing touches to the room. A room however well-planned and developed will still have the warmth and togetherness missing which can be had with a rug. A contemporary rug can complement the entire room in the form of the color theme and the furniture used.


Here’s the Versatile Rug

The rug Suk is something that you may want to consider for your home. The rug should be chosen to go with the color theme of the paint on the walls and the largest furniture in the room. This could be the sofa or couch in the living room and the bed in the bedroom.

The curtains and the upholstery used can be used to further add on to the theme. The Venetian blinds or curtains when parted, and the soft sunlight streaming in, playing shadows of light on this rug will give your home the right kind of ambience for you to never want to step out.

Around this area rug, one can have several different accessories to complement the theme further. This could be a vase and some fresh flowers, a wall hanging or some cushions in the same color theme thrown around casually and invitingly on the sofa. You might also want to have a small coffee table on one side of the rug to place your favorite books, or a family photograph on.

The use of the sunshine palette of colors along with white is the color of the season. The beiges, ochre, camel browns when overshadowed by the startling white bring the best out of the rug. The vertical and horizontal lines running on these rugs make them oh so, very trendy and savvy to have around.

Furthermore, the shape of the rug is different than the usual rounds, and squares. The slight custom sized rectangular rug is just right to place in front of the entire width of the sofa or couch. The color palette is subtle and yet eye riveting. Moreover, this color palette used on the rug can complement any kind of theme. The flooring will also be able to merge well with it, especially wooden ones.

The fabric that is used in these kinds of rugs is easy to clean and vacuum and most of them are made from stain resistant fabrics.

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