Both Hobbyists And Professionals Can Benefit From A Soldering Gun

A soldering gun is a tool that is used for welding metals together. These tools have a copper tip that, when combined with other elements in the tool, carries an electrical current, and gets extremely hot, allowing for soldering.

​How A Soldering Gun Works

Soldering Gun Works

Soldering guns work in a very specific way. Once the gun gets hot enough to use, solder is applied to the tip of the gun by what is called “tinning.” Tinning is the process of removing old solder from the gun and creating new solder to be used for the project.

Next, the user holds the tip of the soldering gun to both pieces of material that are going to be melded together and more solder is applied from the solder roll.

It is important that the gun’s tip is held to the surface until the connection becomes solid.​

Soldering Gun Types And Features

Some soldering guns need to be plugged into a wall, but others are battery powered. Wired soldering guns are convenient because there aren’t batteries that need to be replaced. However, battery powered guns have the benefit of not having a cord that can get in the way during work.

Soldering guns with different wattages are available. The wattage level determines how hot the tip of the gun will get, and therefore what capabilities the gun has when it comes to what types of materials it can be used with.

​Most soldering guns have a handle that is easy to grip and a work light at the head of the tool. Many also include different soldering tips that can be used for detailed soldering.

What A Soldering Gun Can Be Used For

Soldering guns can be used for both home improvement projects and hobbies. Soldering guns are relatively easy to learn how to use, so both professional workers and at-home hobbyists can use them.

A soldering gun can be used for:

  • Joining wires
  • Electrical repairs
  • Repairing rain gutters
  • Making jewelry
  • Repairing pipes
  • Stained glass art

Some of the above works can be done with a heat gun also.

Soldering Gun

​A soldering gun can be used in many situations and practically anywhere pieces of metal need to be joined. Safety should be emphasized and you should wear gloves and a face mask to protect yourself while using a soldering gun.

Regardless of your use: repairs or hobbies, soldering guns can make your job easier.

This site has more information on the tools and the articles here can help you decide if a soldering gun can help you with your latest project.