Shaw Carpets and Celebrity Collections

“Shaw carpets have been being made by Shaw Living™ manufacturer since 1940s.”

They have evolved from scatter rugs and carpets into a company with celebrity collections and award winning designs.


Any Shaw carpet has its own style and design due to Shaw Living™ hold their place as one of the top carpet manufacturers in the world.

There are many Shaw carpet collections to choose from. From ancient styles to modern or contemporary styles. This manufacturer offers one of the largest as well as most diverse selections in the carpets and rugs industry.

The giant of carpets and rugs owns one of the most recognizable rugs collection around the world, the celebrity collections.

Shaw carpets and celebrity collections

Currently, they own three main collections that they are showcasing yearly:

  • Persian style is the first style and the collection name is Nicklaus Rug Collection. They are inspired in Persian styles combined with paneled looks and bold textures.
  • The second collection is Kathy Ireland Collection. These rugs are made from polypropylene to create durable and affordable area rugs. They are inspired from the many travels that Kathy has embarked upon.
  • Last rug collection is Phillip Crowe Collection. Since Mr. Crowe is a wildlife illustrator, he uses his amazing talent and skills for design awesome rugs. These amazing rugs can be used as either rug or wall art.

As we have learned along this article, Shaw Living™ is the top leader manufacturer of carpets and rugs, therefore, choosing any of their three celebrity collections means to select the best in quality and design. Do not hesitate when buying a carpet, choose a Shaw carpet at affordable prices.


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