Pergo flooring now in the US

Pergo flooring is the leader manufacturer of laminated floors. Pergo developed laminate flooring at the end of the 1970s and launched the product in Europe during the 1980s.

The company started sales in the US in 1994 and later, to a smaller degree, in Asia in and Latin America. With many different kinds of laminated flooring on the market, experts say that Pergo flooring is just better than others. Why? Because its PERGO® develops just high quality products, which is called PERGO® hardwood and comes in two different widths, offering 16 decors in total. The floor will be positioned as the premium hardwood product in Lowe’s.


Pergo launches wood flooring in the US

Pergo flooring under the PERGO® is currently being launched in the US market. The PERGO® wood flooring will be sold through Lowe’s, one of the world’s largest home improvement stores, with nearly 1000 stores in North America. The launch of wood products capitalizes on the company’s strong brand position in the US market, as well as its marketing and distribution capabilities



Pergo flooring come is wide range of colors and styles. Whether you choose Pergo wood floors, you won’t get just laminates themselves, but it includes several different product and installation options for the customer. You can install flooring yourself, just following PERGO® instructions you will achieve your goal, which is to flooring your home or office.

In order to get this task made it properly, you can get glue less or pre-applied glue. The glue less option is a really innovative click-together system that needs no glue whatsoever. You will get easily new flooring to your place with Pergo flooring, just do it!


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