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Doing Laundry By Hand in an RV

Save Time and Money By Doing Your Laundry By Hand Not all RVs have the space or the amperage for a washing machine. Moreover, some RVers boondock (spend a lot of time off the grid). If this is the case, consider washing at least some of your laundry by hand. This might sound like a lot of work ...

10 Easy Ways To Reduce Laundry

  Whether it's laundry for one or for a large family, reducing the amount can benefit us all. Working these tips into your daily life will help make this task, dreaded laundry, a bit easier. If only just buying new clothes were an option!   Simple and Effective Tips For Reducing ...

Do-it-yourself Woodworking: Building A Desk

A desk can be an extremely useful part of furniture which can add to the decor of a room. Many owners are using a single room in their particular home because an workplace only. Irregardless of the reason why you would like a brand-new desk, a person may become in building one on your own to ...