Organize Clutter – Is It Really Possible

When it comes to keeping your house clean, one of the worst parts is try to organize clutter…and keep it organized. It’s so easy to accumulate so much clutter throughout a given week that you feel like just giving up. But here are some tips on organizing clutter that may help.


Have a System

One of the first things you can do to help organize clutter is to have a system set up. For example, having daily mail setting on the kitchen counter, table or desk is always an issue.

Instead of it lying out, have a tray for it. You could have a couple of trays or file boxes that are labeled for bills, junk, magazines, etc. You would customize them for your own use of course.

Another common thing found in most homes is the old “junk drawer” found in the kitchen. You know, it’s the drawer that is bursting at the seams with 1000 different items in it.

For this drawer you can first clean it out, put in some inexpensive dividers or drawer organizers in it to keep everything in place.

Organizing Closets

One of the hardest places in any home to keep neat is the closet. They are great places to toss everything in and keep out of sight. We start doing this in our childhood years and continue it through our adult years. Well, there are better ways to clean the clutter here.

Sure, you can go out and buy expensive closet organizers for hundreds of dollars, or you can do some simple things such as hanging garment bags, small storage bins and simple shelves. They’re not expensive and only take minutes to put into use.

These are only a few ways to organize clutter and reduce the time spent on house cleaning. In our “Speed Cleaning Blueprint”, we list many more detailed steps to organizing clutter the simple and easy way.

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