The hard facts about Marble Floor Care

Marble tile floors are widely sought after for their beauty. But if ever the saying about beauty being skin deep needed proof, it can be found in this quick check into marble floor care.

Marble is a soft, porous natural stone that can be sliced thin and accurately cut into squares for tiling. The stone polishes easily to a lustrous shine. Most often the tile is laid or set close together with narrow grout lines. Because it is so soft, non-sanded grout is used to avoid damaging the surface during installation.



Because it’s expensive and fragile, proper marble floor care is very important to protect its beauty and your investment.

There’s a fair amount of debate about the use of stone sealers to protect your marble from spills. Marble is etched by anything acidic like a spilled soda for example, or deeply stained a milky white by most household cleaners. It would seem the benefit of a protective sealer outweighs the effort required to regularly renew the surface.

If you do go with a penetrating sealer, put it down while your marble floor is still new. Consult with a sales associate at your local building supply center or better yet, if you have more than one store in your area, visit them all. Choosing the right product that is specially formulated for marble is vitally important. You’ll want to follow the application instructions on the label with precision.

Should it be your choice to leave the marble natural, apply a sealer to the grout for sure. There are special applicators that make it easier to float the sealant into the narrow grout lines commonly found in marble floor installations. If you do smear any sealer on to the surface of the marble, immediately clean it up with an absorbent towel.


Daily care is the common denominator

Whether you have sealed your marble floor or not, day to day care will always be the same.

Because marble scratches so easily, be certain to vacuum on a regular basis, as sand and grit gets tracked into your home. It would be a good idea to put down area rugs where marble floors are at or near entry doors. Watch for small stones that can make deep scratches and tiny sharp particles that can quickly wear away the shine.

Keep a spray bottle of marble and stone cleaner handy to clean spills and marks as they happen. If you make a practice of doing this, stains will be kept to a minimum and all you’ll need to do on floor washing days is pass a cotton mop dampened with warm water over the floor. If your floor ever does become overly dirty, just dump some of your marble and stone cleaner from your spray bottle into the warm wash water and mop as usual.

Regardless of anything else you may have heard from friends and neighbors, don’t ever allow yourself to be tempted into using normal household cleansers on your marble floor. Not even in a pinch. If visitors are coming just when you happen to be out of marble and stone cleaner, mop with warm, clean water only.

Beware of the hazards

Here are some potential hazards to be aware of and watch out for. Vinegar, which is often suggested as an addition to wash water, is acidic and will etch or burn its way into the marble. Most every bathroom spray will penetrate and irreversibly discolor deep into the marble. The oils in some soaps and cleaners will cause hard to remove, deep stains. Don’t try to scrape stuck on substances like gum or tar. Remember marble is soft and scratches easily, so gently lift off as much of the sticky substance as possible and then clean away any residue with your spray bottle of marble and stone cleaner.


A whole new floor is only a day away

Unfortunately, the entire scope of a marble floor care program isn’t something you can do on your own. When the luster does wear off your floor or staining does become too much to bear, it’s time to turn the work over to the professionals. It is good to know there’s always something that can be done, now isn’t it?

Skilled natural stone floor experts can turn your old marble floor into a new one in very short order. Their work is very specialized but really, not all that difficult, and with the explosion in stone floor installations that are being done in new construction, the number of restoration contractors to choose from is growing fast. You should be able to get several quotes and evaluations.

These contractors will hone or grind the marble down a little to expose a new surface. Where there are deep stains, knowledgeable ones can apply pads of chemical formulations specific to the type of stain, and draw the stain out. And when these steps are complete, they will polish the stone with special equipment and compounds to bring your marble floor back to new.

If you’re looking for an advantage with marble that matches its beauty, then renew ability is it.


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