Make Your Own Kitchen Utensil Holder

If you like an organized kitchen and you don’t have the cash right now to buy a few utensil holders to store your various kitchen pans, cutlery and other accessories, you can make your own kitchen utensil holder at a fraction of the cost of a new one. And with a bit of DIY knowledge yours will be a unique one that guests will really envy.

I got the idea from my mom. She is into sewing and crafting around the house and she is rather frugal. If she can save some money on things she can create on her own, she will go for it. Many times she had a false start, however since the material is not expensive to get, she usually got it right. After some times when her friends started to see all these kitchen tool holders around her cooking area, they started to ask her to make them some as well. Why she would not take money for making one of these, she certainly enjoys giving her friends a beautiful piece as a birthday present.

There are actually many different ways of making your own kitchen utensil holder, and I will describe below some of the ways I’ve seen it done. It depends on your creative skills and the actual piece you want to have as final utensil holder as to which instructions you will follow.

Sewing together your utensil holder

If you like sewing, this one is for you.

What you need:
• Tablecloth of vinyl
• Pencil
• Thread and needles
• Scissors
• Napkins
• The utensil that will populate the holder

How to do it:

Wall mounted kitchen untensil

You can use any materials you want, however vinyl is very popular for these as it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t kink or fray. Also it’s quite easy to sew together.
• Cut a 10″ rectangle from your material of choice
• Fold the fabric in two.
• Mark with the pencil lightly the place you want to cut your material for the pockets
• Cut off the tip half of the front cover to make the pockets that will hold the utensils
• For some interesting effects make a slant cut in diagonal
• Now sew together the open site with the bottom part about 1/8″ from the edge
• Make sure the sewing can hold the utensils without the thread breaking or cutting. When you’re sure you’ve done a good job, place your favorite cutlery in the pockets.

Use clothespins to make your own kitchen utensil holder

This one is just as easy to do as the previous project and it only needs supplies that you have around the house anyway.

What you need:
• Clothesline and clothespins
• Paint
• Mounting device
• Drywall anchors

How to do it:

• Measure the place where you want your new utensil holder to be setup
• Take a look at what utensil and cooking tools you want to hang on it. If they are rather heavy or long, consider mounting the holder into wall studs
• You can use either large gauge screws or alternatively some fancy knots to hang your clothesline onto
• Use drywall anchors for support
• For added decoration appeal paint your clothesline to a chosen color that will go well with your kitchen ambient
• Seal it with a good spray sealer that will allow for much easier cleanup
• Use a mounting device to hang your clothespin utensil holder to the wall. You can buy mounting devices and tools at the local hardware DIY store. Once you’ve made one holder, you will easily make more for your pantry, laundry room and any other room that can benefit from cheap utensil holders that do the job.
• Use your clothespins to clip on the prepared clothesline the kitchen utensils

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