Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Hygiene begins at home. Germs can develop in different places and conditions, but there are certain situations that make it more conducive to its location and transmission. They usually develop in the environment under normal temperature conditions and water and air are their preferred areas for growth and propagation.

Any object can become a suitable area for the development of bacteria which are dangerous to our health. Soils, carpets, furniture, door knobs, the telephone and even the television remote control can be a refuge for viruses or bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene of the whole household, although there are two areas that require a greater effort when cleaning: the kitchen and the bathroom.

Why is cleaning the kitchen and bathroom so important?

The kitchen is the space in which we prepare and cook the foods that must guarantee the energies to develop our daily activities. But if we do it in an environment that does not meet the appropriate health conditions, food can become germs transmitters that put our health at risk.

The kitchen is a room where a set of potentially dangerous elements, such as wet areas (sink and dish rack), elements used for cleaning (scouring pads, dishcloths and dishcloths) and even the surfaces on which we prepare the food (cutting boards, counter top and utensils).

The bathroom is the other environment in which we must have a special zeal for hygiene. There we perform our physiological needs Write My Essay every day and use it to take care of body hygiene. As in the kitchen, the heat and humidity conditions of the bathroom favor the proliferation of bacteria.

In this environment coexists various agents of risk, such as wet surfaces (bathtub and toilet) and objects that are usually wet and under those conditions can develop bacteria (towels and bath mats). As with the kitchen, it is necessary to ensure constant hygiene in the bathroom and to ensure good ventilation to allow the air to be renewed and moisture evaporated.

Helpful tips


  • Keep all surfaces of the kitchen in perfect condition. Regularly clean the sink, dish rack and surfaces and objects used for cooking. It is also important to wash and disinfect the trash bin and the area around it;
  • Change and clean the cleaning elements properly. Dishcloths should be changed regularly and frequently. The same happens with scouring pads and wipes, which must be cleaned between use and use and change regularly;
  • The bathroom should shine. Regular cleaning and disinfection of the bath, basin and toilets is essential to eliminate any possibility of bacteria developing. At the same time, it is necessary to regularly air the room to let the humidity go;
  • Keep objects used for body cleansing dry. A very important task is to spread the towels after each use to dry them. In addition, it is suggested that each person be assigned a towel for personal use;
  • Clean Hands: The first source of transmission of bacteria can be our hands, which at each moment come into contact with different surfaces and objects. For this reason, it is best to clean them with soap and water every time we touch a surface that can be dangerous.



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