How to Move Cheaply Across Country – Top 4 Tips and Tricks

Why are so many of us in need of moving cheap? So much has happened in the last few years that have changed the way we see our homes. Times have gotten so tight and look like they are just going to get tighter before these hard times are over. Is your home a comfortable place to live or is it a financial black hole.

If you are moving to make your budget stretch farther than getting a full service moving company is also going to be out of the question. Cheap moving is the only answer. If you are getting ready for moving affordably this year then here is a list for you to get started with.

Local & Interstate Removals is one of the top rated furniture removalists in Sydney also operate Melbourne Moves from their company suggested us the following 4 tips for our readers who want a cheap moving solution.

Moving Cheap How to List

  1. Schedule your moving truck rental early. Don’t wait for the last moment to try to get a moving truck. These days moving trucks are going fast. If you call a rental truck company and they can’t guarantee a truck for you at the location you want on your dates then you need to call another company until you have your guarantees. There is a well known moving truck rental company that is now keeping its customers guessing. They won’t tell you where to pick up your truck until the last minute and you could end up driving an hour each way to get it. Don’t use this company unless you have no other choice. You will pay extra in miles and gas.
  2. Exhaust all sources of free boxes first. There are so many ways to get free boxes, you just need to ask. Go to all sorts of stores, hospitals, and neighbors that have recently moved. I have extensive posts about where to find moving boxes on this site to give you ideas.
  3. Get friends and relatives to help you pack the truck. Sometimes it can be hard to ask for help, but if your money is tight you are going to have to do it. I have moved several times with just my husband and I do all of the heavy liftings and I can tell you that moving this way isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Even if you can get a few people to help for an hour or two with your heaviest furniture it is worth it.
  4. Plan everything perfectly. Make sure you are packed before you get the truck and you can move straight from one place to the other with as little hotel stays as possible.

Find the cheapest ways of doing everything at all times to keep your move cheap.

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