Hardwood flooring types and prices

It is a fact that hard wood floors are very popular given their durability, stylish-look and their environment-friendly appearance which offers a warm and natural look to your home. However, choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task with the many options available and different prices.


The most important thing you have to keep in mind is whether you want to settle on pre-finished or unfinished hardwood. However, the latter is less expensive compared to the former though the price difference is not that big as it was earlier. The decision on unfinished vs pre-finished hardwood flooring really boils down to your purchasing power and amount of skill and time you have. Once you have settled on one, the next thing is choosing the type of hardwood flooring. There are quite a variety from different parts of the world including: United States, Australia, Brazil and China. Here is a sneak preview of hardwood flooring types and Hardwood Flooring Prices.


Types of Hard Wood Floors


For people who are budget conscious, there are various kinds of ash which goes for as low as $ 3.00 per square foot. Many opt for Ash because of its naughty look. It is also not so hard as compared to other wood. Rash Ash has seen growth in demand, especially, among people who desire that natural look. it is important to also know that this kind of hardwood are also available in pre-used form. If you want that old -lived in look and a kind of wood that is durable. This may be the best choice

Red Oak

Red oak is strong and looks good if finished properly. It also come in different widths at a much cheaper price.


Mahogany come at the mid-range of your cost scale although. With a rich, reddish-brown grain color, mahogany is regarded as a beautiful option when it comes to hardwood flooring.

Brazilian Walnut

At $13.00 per square foot, the Brazilian walnut is available in a wide range of light and dark brown shade. The rich looking hardwood may be difficult to install given its tremendous hard surface which also make it durable and will take you long before demanding resurfacing.

Bamboo Flooring

Although less considered and not quite a wood, bamboo is one of your most wonderful options. Bamboo comes in a variety of yellow brown color that blends well with your decorating schemes. Bamboo may become severely hard when processed correctly. At $5 .00 per square foot, bamboo, indeed, falls at the lower end of your pricing scale.

You can purchase flooring directly from manufacturers or online through sites that offer them. Many often opt for whole sellers who can provide them wood at considerably cheaper prices. While selecting a contractor, first seek your friend or neighbor’s opinion for their prior experience with that particular contractor. This might fetch you a much lower price. You must also search over Yellow pages and maybe call the company within your locality to determine the installation charges. Remember that even the quotes provided by tiny, family business may be shockingly high but it is not bad to try them.

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