Hardwood Flooring Prices Understanding Your Options

If you decide to upgrade your home with hardwood flooring, then you will have to choose from the different types available in the market. In the past, the variety of hardwood flooring was limited to solid wood, but, times have changed with better and more advanced types being made available for sale. Evidently, the ultimate decision may be hard to make because of the wide variety as well as additions such as engineered laminates and wood that have made it possible to have a brand new look at a fraction of the usual price. Notably, the newer models are easier to install. This means that you no longer have to spend hefty amounts on installation costs.


Hardwood flooring prices are almost similar to the carpeting rates. Usually, the cost that is printed is only for the material. Prices of underlayment, installation, transitions, moldings and nails also must be factored in. Generally, the price of solid wooden floor ranges from $ 1.50 to $ 4.00 for each square foot. The laminates can cost as low as $ 0.65 per square foot. However, you should note that there are a lot of variations in the prices across different stores. In case you opt to do the installation independently, you can also search for wholesale deals online.

Before you purchase the materials, it is essential for you to determine the actual amount of flooring that you require as well at the flooring that will serve your home best. It is worth mentioning that solid wood is the costliest with many appreciating its beauty. Usually, the initial glance for the home-owners is a maple or solid oak. However, there are also some drawbacks associated with solid wooden floors, which should be considered.


Solid Wood Floors

To start with, installation of the solid wooden flooring cannot take place in applications that are below grades. Secondly, such floors are soft hence susceptible to dents and damages caused by moisture, In case you have a busy home, this type of flooring may not be the most suitable. In addition to this, the installation process of the solid wood floors is rather challenging hence can only be done perfectly by an expert. This process is also extremely labor intensive.

Engineered Wood Flooring

If you would like to enjoy the advantages of the beautiful wooden floors without having to incur high costs, then it would be advisable to consider engineered wood flooring. The main discrepancy between real wood and this type is the veneer wooden top and plywood center. Another benefit of the engineered wood is that it is very durable and it is not affected by moisture. This means that the floor does not have to keep on shifting. When it comes to the installation of the engineered wood it is done using groove and torque. The affordable hardwood flooring prices for the engineered wood as well as its versatility has largely contributed to its popularity today.

If you opt to have your hardwood flooring installation done by a professional you need big budget for Hardwood Flooring Installation Prices, then you should expect the process to be completed on a day. However, many of the home-owners prefer handling the installation independently, which lowers the hardwood flooring prices.

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