Color Cork flooring does the trick

Today’s Cork flooring is much better than the floors that people may be familiar with in the past. Anyhow, Cork flooring is still the main option for those who are looking for add a unique floor to their homes.

Are you the homeowner who likes to stand out from their neighbors? Are you looking for new flooring ideas, and finally break the look of your entire home? Cork flooring is your best choice.


Cork flooring can be obtained from many different styles and varieties. It features a great look as well it is also classy and distinguished form many others.

Once you have walked on any Cork floor, you won’t want to try others. Cork style floors are available from different shades and patterns, which will allow achieving the exact look that you were looking for to enhance any room of your home or office where Cork flooring will be used in.


Different colors for Cork flooring

Cork flooring comes in a variety of colors. You will find the floor that you have been wishing. Cork floors goes beyond patterns and shapes. Color is essentially the thing that will provide the style and effect you wished. That space where you want to add the new flooring, will looks totally different after a new Cork floor installation. You can find the color that more fits into your home’s decor.

Considering tiles flooring, Cork offers its customers many advantageous characteristics. First off, and maybe the most important feature for those who don’t have so much flooring skills, is that Cork tiles are incredibly easy to install. Just getting the correct glue you can benefit of your new floor quickly at any level of your house, get glue less joints with floating Cork floors and that’s all.


Advantages of Cork Flooring

A great alternative to Hardwood flooring

In today’s environment conscious world, wood flooring has become very popular because of the warm and elegant look it provides and because of its toughness. Generally, when you refer to hardwood flooring, the kinds of hardwoods that come to mind are the formidable oak with its strength and mysterious aura. After this, what usually comes to mind is the bamboo which carries hints of the Orient along with it.

There is another type of flooring known as cork flooring which is a departure from the usual hardwood flooring and is imbued with a lot of attractive features. Let me clarify at the outset of this article that it is not a new flooring product but has been around for quite some time. Like other hardwood flooring, cork flooring is also very safe from an environment perspective and it is also equipped with lots of durability. Do take into account the many great features of this flooring before reaching a final decision about the flooring that you would like for your house.



The common mistake that people make is to assume that like corkboard, cork must be malleable in nature. This is as far from the truth as possible and you will be surprised to know that cork is very durable. An added feature which sets it apart from other hardwood floors is that it is moisture-proof. Why else do you think the mouth of wine bottles are closed with cork? Cork flooring installations have a long history and even the Library of Congress has used this material as the flooring option. Again, because of its elasticity, it cannot be damaged very easily.

Other Facts about Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is blessed with a lot of colors and patterns, so it can blend well with different themes in your house. Most other hardwood floors have a wood grain look that is relatively simple but with cork flooring you can go for a speckled look that adds a definite personality to your room. The best part about cork flooring is that it is elastic in nature which makes walking on it a pleasure. Its waterproof qualities also work well in blocking sound. Apart from this, if you are living in a place that is noisy and yearn for some peace, then this cork flooring is the one for you.


Origins of Cork flooring

It is important to understand that though cork flooring originates from cork trees, it comes from the bark of the tree rather than the actual wood. This is a great advantage as the tree does not have to be uprooted for obtaining cork. A single tree can last for as long as 200 years and the bark from this same tree can be used again and again for purposes of cork flooring.

Thus, if you are a person who is concerned about the environment, this flooring is perfect for you as the source used here is renewable. On the other hand, if you belong to the section of the populace that is not really worried about the environment, cork floors are a great option as it is a great substitute for hardwood floors.


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