Contemporary Area Rugs


  • The newest trend in floors is to rip away the carpet and put down hardwood or tile floors.
  • Following this trend adds a certain sense of class, not to mention the ready availability of Risky Business moments.
  • However, the lack of carpet can become boring so the need of area rugs should not be overlooked.
  • Area rugs have been around for centuries and continue to hold a place in homes.
  • Area rugs have several uses, among them being protecting the floors, adding color, and even covering up areas of damage.
  • These rugs come in a variety of colors and patterns so finding the perfect rug to fit the décor is a relatively easy business.
  • Contemporary area rugs are the most popular with the various patterns and color schemes, these rugs are easy to match to a room. Other patterns such as Southwest are well loved.
  • Area rugs come in different size and shapes so knowing exactly what is needed will aid in buying a new rug.
  • An area rug that is too large can dominate the floor taking away the look and luster of even the most beautiful hardwood or tile.
  • Too small, and the area rug will have none of its desired effect and may even look tacky and out of place.
  • Matching colors and patterns are also important so that the entire décor of the home can continue in harmony.
  • While hardwood and tile floors are gaining in popularity so is the use of area rugs.
  • They are a great way to accent any room, though some rooms, like the living room, will need a more contemporary style rug.
  • Shape, color, and texture are all important factors in deciding which area rug to purchase. Choose carefully, as the area rug will be used to add to the room’s appeal.

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