Cleaning a New House Before Moving in – Checklist You May Follow

When moving you are trying to get so much accomplished it is hard to think of every last thing that needs to be done before you’re done with your old home. If you’re moving from a rental home then getting that deposit back is a priority.

Even if you can’t get the deposit back then you can bet that you will be responsible for the cleaning that had to take place after you are gone.

If you are selling your home then making sure it is clean to appeal to anyone being shown your home only makes sense. I learned a lot about this during my service period on Point Cook Movers in Australia and over our many moves, I have discovered a few really great tricks to make your home seem cleaner to others. If you only have a few hours for your move out cleaning then be sure to include these tricks.

Cleaning Tips for Moving Out

Clean the edges

Cleaning the edges of a room makes it look sharper and less dingy. Start at one edge, hopefully by a door. Sit on the floor with a dry scrubbing brush and a bucket of water and sponge. First, use the brush on the edge of the carpet to push the fuzz and dirt that gets trapped there. Using a vacuum that cleans edges can help, but the results just aren’t as crisp.

Next, use the wet sponge to wipe down the floorboards or the bottom of the wall. Make sure that the paint is cleanable by testing a small section first. If you are working with walls that will be damaged by the water then just use a dusting cloth.

When the area that you can reach is done then move over to a new section. Work all the way around the house until you are back at the place that you started. When you are done use your vacuum to pick up the gunk that was cleaned away from the walls.

I have gotten my entire deposit back using this trick along with the most basic cleaning. Once even got a thank you note with it. This will take a few hours to do but is worth it.

Bleach the sink

Smells are a powerful thing. When it smells cleaner then everything looks cleaner as well. This trick will not require a lot of work, so definitely do it. Just pour a capful of bleach onto all sinks, bathtubs, and even toilets with at least a gallon of water.

Leave a few hours or overnight and then just before you are done with your cleaning just opens the drains. If bleach is just too strong for you to use then pick another cleaner with a fresh scent.

If you do use a different cleaner then plan more soaking time. Your whole house should smell clean for a long time if no one starts stinking it up again.

Shine your sink

Making your sinks and other porcelain and metal fixtures should be among the last things that you do. Shiny tends to make people think clean. Use a soft cloth to rub baby oil into a nice shine.

Luckily this is really easy to do after you have scrubbed off all of the grime that it should only take a few minutes to a half an hour to do an entire house.

Fill the holes in your walls

If you have been renting your home and the lease stated that hanging objects that make holes in the walls is not OK, then try this trick. Rub white hard soap on white walls to visually fill in the holes. Do this carefully and sparingly so it won’t be too obvious.

Get rid of all trash

Not leaving anything behind would be no brainer, but you would be surprised how often people just leave trash and other unwanted items behind. If at all possible take everything with you.

Leaving anything behind is a sure way of annoying anyone that has to enter the home after you have left, like landlords or interested buyers. The home will also retain a fresh, clean smell longer if it is completely empty.


Take the time to do these extras and your home will be inviting and really feel clean to others.

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