Carpets – Different Types of Fibers

While furnishing your house, choosing a carpet for the house becomes an important decision and is a important investment.

Carpets can change the look of the room rather dramatically so all the care should be taken to choose a right carpet for your house. When you go in the market you will realize that there are different types of carpets available in the market.


One of the types of carpet is the cut pile carpet and there are wide variety of look and texture in the cut pile carpets. You would be able to find several themes in this type of carpet and you could choose the one that suits your home or your mood.

They are highly durable and a proper maintenance of such carpets given to professional carpet cleaners can make the life longer.

There are five different types of cut pile carpets and they are:

  • Saxony
  • Velvet
  • Textured cut
  • Frieze carpet
  • Shag Carpet

Saxony carpets are not the best type in these five carpet types as they have tendency of retaining the footmarks and vacuum marks in the carpet. It is also not as smooth as the velvet type. It has extraordinary texture and it needs special attention in cleaning. The texture cut is most popular for two reasons as they are multi colored and have the capability to hide the stain and footmarks.

The other type is loop pile carpet and they are utilized in places where there is very high traffic. Loop pile carpets are very easy to clean and have better tolerance to dust and dirt.

The cost differs because of the type of material is used to make the carpet. So while choosing the perfect carpet for your house you need to learn about the different types of fibers used and the cleaning requirements of the same.

You get carpets made from natural fibers and some are made from synthetic fibers. Wool, cotton and silk these are some of the natural fibers with which a carpet is made.

Sometime you get mixed fiber such as wool and nylon. Nylon fiber is moisture resistant so it is easy to maintain. You can actually wash it and it will dry quickly. On the other hand, wool carpets are dirt resistant so they need little washing.

While choosing the carpet make a note of the fiber used and if it suits your budget then go for it.


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