Stone Cutting Techniques For How To Build A Fire Pit

Cutting the bricks or blocks is an essential step in how to build a fire pit. It is a heavy job, but not difficult to master. Few building projects are more satisfying than doing your own stone masonry.

How to build a fire pit, After choosing a location for the fire pit construction, decide what materials to use. This depends on how the location fits into the landscape and what materials might already be on hand. If the fire pit will be part of a patio, it might be constructed with the same kind of brick or stone. Alternatively, a different complementary material can create a pleasing effect. Flat fieldstone pavers are one of the best choices. However, clay bricks or cement blocks can also make a nice installation.


To construct the fire pit it will likely be necessary to cut the stones. How much cutting depends on how refined you want it to look. A simple structure from clay brick or concrete may only require a mason’s chisel and hammer.

However, a wet table saw may be advisable for a professional-looking job. This is especially important if the fire pit will be part of a nice patio. It is good for cutting hard materials like fieldstone or something that fractures easily, like ceramic tile. It will also be the easiest way if a lot of cuts are required.


A wet table saw incorporates a circular diamond-edged blade. A water reservoir cools the blade while it is cutting. Rent this tool from a rental facility or building supply store.

With the right materials and tools for the project, you are ready to proceed. Set out the stones to make the outline of the fire pit one layer at a time. Wherever two stones butt up against one another, a cut may be required to make a clean joint. Place the stone that is to be cut on top of the stone resting beside it, then mark the underside. Be sure to leave a little space between the stones for mortar.

If using a saw, simply cut along the marked line. If working with a hammer and chisel, score the stone all the way around. Then place the stone on a hard surface, insert the chisel in the score and strike until the stone splits.

Continue cutting stones this way until one layer is complete. Then it is ready to be mortared in place. Carry on with the next layer. This how to build a propane fire pit that will appeal to your friends and neighbors.

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