Bruce hardwood floors overview

Bruce hardwood floors are known along the world for their quality and high style across a wide palette. However, why to select Bruce hardwood floors instead of other brands, well will try to explain it along this article.

As we’ve said before, Bruce is the number one, bestselling and most recognized hardwood flooring in the world. Most of us know their tradition as well as Bruce allows us to bring an affordable and luxury hardwood floor into our homes.


Some special topics are basic for understand the quality of hardwood flooring; Bruce hardwood floors feature all of them with an excellent quality.

We can obtain hardwood floors in different species such as pine, cherry or pecan. Like many others hardwood floor manufacturers, Bruce allow us to choose between solid and engineered flooring. Solid is installed normally installed over a wood sub-floor. Engineered are used generally where the hardwood floor needs to adhere to the sub-floor. Durability is an important feature that all floors should feature. They are designed to last years, even decades. However, Bruce hardwood floors are manufactured for last a lifetime.



As a homeowner, you’d like to keep your floor in a good shape and looking new. There are many ways to keep it on a perfect condition. The first and maybe the most expensive is, to phone a specialist on hardwood floors. It’s definitely the best solution for your wood floor, but not for your budget.

Most people can’t afford professional flooring services weekly; however, it’s needed at least once per year. It is necessary to clean a wood floor with a soft broom or vacuum. Every manufacturer has it owns special products for wood maintenance, but what is common for all hardwood floors is the way to clean up.

Use a dry mop with the manufacturer’s recommended product in order to maintain the hardwood floor luster and remember to clean Bruce hardwood floors with a soft broom or vacuum.


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