Best Time of the Week When Shopping for Your Next Residence

Home-shopping takes time. You want to find the best home for you and your family. You don’t want to pay too much and you also don’t want to buy “too much house” for what you’re able to spend.

What Is The Best Day of the Week?

This day is Tuesday. The owners of the home you saw last Sunday are eager to sell their current home so they can close on their new home and move. You, along with several other house-hunters, visited several for-sale homes the previous weekend. The homeowners, knowing they would have potential buyers coming by, cleaned house and stashed everything away so the house looked as appealing as possible. After coming home late Sunday evening, they probably looked at each other and asked themselves, “So, will we get any offers? Will they be anything close to the asking price we want?”

Monday passes with no phone calls and the homeowners are beginning to get a sinking feeling. After dealing with a silent phone on Monday, sellers are eager to hear of any interest. Instruct your Realtor to call the homeowners on Tuesday. It’s likely that they will be ready to accept an offer, even if it’s below their asking price.

Weekends are a great time to look at houses, but you will be competing with other home buyers. Open houses are scheduled for weekends, according to Melissa Chambers, Associate Realtor of Exit Realty. Couples can visit available homes together, discuss likes and dislikes, then make a joint decision.

What Is The Best Time Period of the Year?

Christmas Day. If you’re thinking that nobody works on Christmas Day, you’re right. Realtors are independent contractors, so they can easily stop to make a call to a seller before they leave to go to a family Christmas celebration. Your offer won’t be competing with any other offers. Other buyers will decide to wait until December 26th before offering on a home.

In January, the weather is cold and often wet, windy or snowy. Not many people will want to deal with bad weather as they house-hunt, so get the drop on them. Get out there, find a house and make an offer.

The next-best day is on Easter Sunday. The same reasons apply.

Psychological Reasons Behind This Rationale

Sellers are usually happy and more likely to accept an offer. They’ve been eating, drinking and making merry with family and friends. They feel more generous. Listing a home over the holidays means they are serious about selling. They will look at offers, even on Christmas Day. Few buyers are looking during Christmas week, so your offer will be considered, if not accepted.

After Christmas, they are dealing with credit card bills, so they will consider and accept offers more readily.

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