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When it comes to weighing scales there are two main types. There is a good old day mechanical or analog scale and the modern electronic or digital weighing scale. The function of a weighing scale is basically to measure mass and display the measurement either in SI units (kg, grams, etc) or in the imperial or UK units (pounds, ounces, etc). The application of weighing scales ranges from household applications: such as personal or bathroom scale, kitchen scale to medical scales to heavy-duty scales used in factories etc.

The focus of this website is to provide visitors with as many facts as possible regarding bathroom scales. If you are in a serious weight-loss activity, you may need to monitor your weight closely to figure out how your weight loss activity is affecting your weight or if you are trying out a number of solutions at a time you can identify which one is actually working for you by monitoring your body weight accurately. And the bathroom scale is perfect for this. You can check your weight in the privacy of your home even better in the privacy of your bathroom regularly.

The digital weighing scale has already taken analog scale’s thunder a long time ago in various industries. Bathroom scales are also becoming digitalized. Based on our observation, a lot of users have cancer regarding the accuracy of weighing scales and digital technology solves accuracy problems very easily. Most digital glass bathroom scales have a minimum four sensors at corners, which help and give more accuracy. A display of a digital bathroom scale is usually made of LED, so even a person who has eye problems can see the readings of the scale without leaning forward. The LED display also produces light, therefore it’s even easy to use a digital scale in a dark room.

Over the years bathroom scales have evolved in both technology and features. Digital bathroom scales are fast replacing the analog ones. Modern bathroom scales are available in different shapes and sizes. They are available in steel, glass, and metal.

Apart from measuring just bodyweight, bathroom scales can also measure body fat, water percentage, fat percentage, keep a track of your weight fluctuations. Most accurate bathroom scales have a built-in memory feature, which can store information about the previous readings. These use BIA (Biospecific Interaction Analysis) method to measure body fats. These scales are very helpful for people with problems like weight fluctuations, high blood pressure, and cholesterol.

There are many companies manufacturing bathroom scales some of the leading brands are We will also review a number of big brands such as Health-o-meter, Homedics, My Weigh, Salter, Seca, Soehnle, Taylor, Tanita, Weight Watchers, Withings and Argos. These brands offer a very wide choice of products for you to choose from. Many leading magazines like good housekeeping, prevention, women health magazines offer reviews for different types of bathroom scale for you to make a better choice.

There are a few important points, which you should keep in mind while buying a bathroom scale. The first and foremost is to decide your purpose for buying a bathroom scales. There are scales available in the market, which are specifically designed for kids or purposes like body fat monitoring. 

Before buying check the scale on the floor, you should be able to read the readings with ease. Make sure to check the weight increment ability. Some scales offer in steps of .1lbs and some in .5lbs therefore if you want to check every few hours then digital scales with an increment of .1lbs are best suited for you. It is very important that the bathroom scale you choose should have a flat and non-skid surface. You can also check the accuracy of your scale with a very simple method, just weigh yourself of 3-4 times in a row, if the weight does not fluctuate much then your scale is reasonably accurate.

Type of bathroom Scale

Analog Bathroom Scale

Analog bathroom scales are the oldest type of bathroom scales. Analog bathroom scales are also known as mechanical or dial scales. These scales display weight by using the pointer method. When you stand on the scale the pointer on the dial moves to your corresponding weight position. Analog scales are available in various shapes and sizes.

Analog bathroom scales are of two types: spring-based and weight-based. Weight-based scales are mainly used by medical professionals. They are known to deliver the most consistent and accurate readings at all times. Spring base scales are mainly used in homes.

They are difficult to adjust. These scales work on a principle of spring and levers. On the inside of a scale, there are four levers, dial with a rack and pinion. When a person stands on the scale the levers move causes the spring to move up and down. The springs up and down motion are then converted into side motion by pivots.

This motion is then transmitted to rack and pinion arrangement, which converts it into a circular motion to turn the dial. Therefore, in analog scales, the position in which you stand is very important as the spring displacement depends on this.

Analog scales have also matured over the years. They now boast a more attractive and accurate dial. The dials are large so that reading them is easy. As analog bathroom scales use springs, regular use can wear out the spring and cause the scale to malfunction. Regular calibration is required for them to function properly. Analog scales do not require any batteries to run on.

Analog scale is best if you only want to use it for weight checking and no other requirements then analog scales are the best for you. Digital scales are slowly overtaking analog scales, as they are more accurate and have a long life. Analog scales lack in their ability to store previous readings.  Some major companies that manufacture analog scales are Taylor, Health o meter, Tanita, Seca, Salter.

If you are on a budget then analog scales are definitely the choice for you than digital scales. Analog scales are also easy to use and they do not require any power to work on. Analog scales are easy to repair and are virtually maintenance-free as they do not regularly need batteries.

Digital Bathroom Scale

There are mainly two types of bathroom scales: analog and digital. Analog bathroom scales have been very popular but with the advent of technology, they are slowly paving the way to Digital bathroom scales.

Digital bathroom scales have known to be more accurate. Many people find it easy to read the readings as they are displayed on an LED screen. Most of these scales run on batteries but there are some, which require an ac supply.

Digital bathroom scales work and a simple analog to digital conversion. There are beams under the board are connected to levers. When you stand on the board, the beams move. The amount the beam moves is computed as your weight, which is then, converted into an electric voltage which lights up the LED screen with your weight.

Nowadays many companies are manufacturing digital bathroom scales. When choosing a digital scale take careful note of calibration settings. Digital bathroom scales need to calibrated regularly. Calibration, in simple language, means, that when you put weight on the scale and remove it the reading should return to zero. Most companies offer a three to five-year maintenance contract.

Digital bathroom scales come equipped with a lot of features. Analog weight scales will only display your weight. On the other hand, digital scales are also programmed to display your BMI (body to mass) index. Some scales have an inbuilt memory feature, which can let you compare your weight reading, fat percentage, and water percentage with previous months. This gives you a fair idea of the fluctuations of your weight as they are able to display the difference even in milligrams.

This is very helpful for people suffering from weight problems and other ailments like diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol that is related to body weight and can cause fluctuations. Diet plans can be made based on these readings for an effective weight loss or gain program.

Digital bathroom scales are boon to people who are very conscious about regular readings some people still prefer analog scales. Digital bathroom scales age better and slower than analog scales. Many scales are able to display weight in different units. Digital scales work a lot better if only one person uses it as the spring could wear out and cause it to give a conflicting reading.

It will help you more if you take readings at the same time of the day. Experts recommend that it is best to take reading early in the morning. It is also very important that you keep a track of your battery power, as the batteries will run out need replacing.

Solar digital bathroom scales are also available in the market. It can be safely said that digital bathroom scales are easier to read and more accurate with many more features than analog scales.

Glass Bathroom Scale

Every year many of us make a resolution to stay fit, promise ourselves that we will exercise more, and watch our weight.  Moreover, most of the times we do manage to follow this trough. We contact our gym trainer, doctor, etc to find out the best program suited to us. 

When you have started on a program, you need to monitor your progress. This is where bathroom scales come in. they are easily available in the market and portable. They can easily fit into a corner of your bathroom and help you monitor your progress and act as a reminder for exercise. Gone are the days of bulky analog bathroom scales when you had to bend over to read the reading. Digital bathroom scales have taken over.

If you do not want to keep those ugly looking bath scales in open then glass scale is for you. Glass bathroom scales have added a touch of glamour to weight watching. They are sleek, lightweight, more accurate and pleasing to the eye.

Glass bathroom scales have a minimum of four sensors located at each corner of the scale for better accuracy than standard digital scales. More advanced digital scales use bioelectric impedance analysis (BIA) technology to give you a full range of analyses such as body mass index (BMI), fat percentage, water percentage, metabolic age and of course the weight. Memory settings can be used to record your weight measurement over a period for later analysis.  You can save records for each family member to make a progress chart. Glass scales have a large led display, which makes it easier to read the reading. Most of them are very accurate.

If you still do not want to bend over to see the readings or if the scale is for older people who have trouble bending a new concept is columnar scale. These types of glass bathroom scales have a glass column, which is high up the scale for the display. This makes reading easier. The keypad is also there on the glass column and you can change the settings for weight, index, fat percentage, etc without having to get down to the scale, reset, and get up again.

Glass bathroom scales use a sensor for calculating weight therefor they do not age fast as the chances of wear and tear are very less as compared to analog scales. They also consume less power as they are programmed to switch off after 5-10 seconds of inactivity.

Glass bathroom scales are very attractive to look at and come in many sizes and colors.

Hence, when you buy one for your bathroom you can look for size and color which will fit your décor and who knows it might inspire your friends to be weight conscious too.

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