The Bamboo Flooring Report Part 4

Few Pros and Cons to Bamboo Flooring

Every second home in the country nowadays has it because of the several advantages and benefits that are linked with it. It has become an equally popular choice because of the limited amount of care that it requires in order to allow home owners to keep it clean and looking as good as new.


It is easy to clean and maintain and has great advantages over other more traditional forms of flooring:

Durability and sustainability

The bamboo plant and therefore the flooring are not only durable but also sustainable over a longer period of time. It is the kind of flooring that is able to withstand the wear and tear of normal living with phenomenal amounts of ease.

The bamboo plant is hollow inside but the outside strips are extremely strong. It is even stronger and tenacious then the other hardwoods around. This gives the buyer a floor that is going to be long lasting and will continue to look good for years to come.


Environmentally friendly

It is made from the bamboo plant which is easy to grow and have no toxins or toxic waste associated with it. It is easily recyclable and renewable too. if as buyers, home owners continue to opt only for hardwood very soon this resource is no longer going to be around. Hardwood takes ages to be replenished and thus does not seem to be a viable option when compared to bamboo flooring.


Available in abundance

Bamboo has a faster growth rate and hence is available in abundance. Bamboo plants take only 3 to 4 years to reach maturity when compared to other hardwood which might take as much as another hundred years to reach maturity.



It enables the whole room or house to get an extremely chic look to it. This ensures that the entire place looks modern and contemporary. The amazing amounts of different patterns that can be formed on the darker versus lighter bands of bamboo flooring makes it a captivating and eye-catching option.


Fits in with any theme decor

It can go on to add the right amounts of warmth and light to the room. The flooring adds the right amount of flair to the entire space.

Employment and revenue generating

It is a great employment opportunity in places where it grows. There are several factories and industries that employ entire families and therefore, it works as a great revenue generator.

Easy to clean and maintain

The thing that most home owners look for is how easy to clean and maintain is the flooring going to be. With this kind of flooring, one needn’t be spending ages mopping the floor. A simple sweep everyday and mop probably once a week is just fine to keep it in ship shape condition. This simple and easy to perform method will have it look as good as new for several years.


Moisture resistant

The flooring once installed is resistant to wear and tear that a normal floor will be put through. It is resistant to moisture, and any spills can be wiped clean quickly enough. It does not stain easily and therefore can be used with the greatest of ease in the kitchen and bathroom. It comes to the end user with the benefit of being able to wipe clean the spills with an extreme amount of ease.

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