The Bamboo Flooring Report Part 3

More Bamboo Floor Types

Bamboo Click

Is the latest variant of bamboo flooring that is extremely user friendly? It is easy to install and comes in different patterns to choose from. Also, it can be dismantled and taken along with you in case of home relocation. There are special tongue and groove shapes that allow the floors to fit with a tight connection. And, there is no need of any kind of adhesive to put this flooring together.

There are several advantages that are associated with bamboo click such as the constant tension allows the panels to stay together, the extra strong binding can withstand greater weights, easy to dismantle and take along with you and extremely easy to install in a jiffy. Also, because of no glue the final flooring looks neat and there is no mess left behind to clean up.

The bamboo click flooring can be started installation from any part of the room even the center and will still turn out perfect. The way the bamboo clicks are so easy to affix to the flooring that it does not need a professional to do it. You can work in any direction and yet get the most amazing of effects. Lastly, bamboo click is extremely moisture resistant.

  • Bamboo floating provides an instantaneous way of getting hard flooring that is environmentally friendly. The type is made by putting together a layer of plastic and flam on the subfloor. The subfloor can be of any type such as tiled, concrete, nailed or wooden. It can be nailed or glued to the subfloor. There are two kinds of finishes that floating bamboo can have which is aluminum oxide or ceramic. It is easy to install such floors as they are wider. When floating bamboo is put together the emission of toxins is nil as there is no glue used between the subfloor and the floating bamboo planks.
  • Prefinished flooring comes to the customer with a ready to fix mode. The high precision tongue and groove methodology applied makes it ready and easy to install. It is of a high quality UV. It has curable coatings on it and this goes on to enhance the glossy factor of the flooring by almost 30 to 60%. Also, it can be got in two variants which are natural and carbonized and in horizontal and vertical laminates too. Even more detailed bamboo floor plank
  • Hand scraped bamboo is also known by other names such as distressed, hand-carved and antique. This kind of bamboo is manually crafted in order for it to get the antique and timeless look to it. This gives your flooring an exotic look at an affordable cost.
  • Carbonized bamboo: These floors can be bought in two versions which are natural and carbonized. Carbonized bamboo has a caramel color tone to it which is got due to the longer boiling process that it undergoes. Due to this longer boiling process, the starch gets a caramel color to it.

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