The Bamboo Flooring Report Part 2

The Different Types of Bamboo Floors


There are different kinds available based on the different kinds of colors that they come with. Bamboo is strong and has the most wonderful color tones and distinctive grains in it that differentiate one kind from another.

The different kinds of flooring depend on the cut and color and the different ways the bamboo stalks were processed to ultimately get the final product.

  • Bamboo laminate flooring can be used for all kinds of floors and they will go on to give you a construction that is solid. The installation can be nail down or glued to get the best out of them.
  • Woven flooring is the second kind, other than the regular kind. It is a higher than the later kind as it is durable and sturdy and therefore good value for money
  • Strand woven bamboo is the hardest kind of flooring option available to one. It is aesthetic to look at and also environmentally friendly. It is one of the hardest flooring options around. Strand woven flooring is created by the use of fibers that are got from the bamboo plant. These fibers are shredded and then blended with glue and then treated by pressurized technology. It is the sturdiest when compared to all the bamboo floor options that are available in the market. And it is dense and thicker than other floors made from bamboo. This makes it difficult to be installed.
  • Engineered bamboo is made of only bamboo and nothing else. This type enables the user to have more stability and have no cupping. They offer the user no worries of any kind as they are moisture resistant. Engineered bamboo is not one hundred percent pure bamboo. Therefore, it is more durable and can resist dents and chipping far better than the natural variants of bamboo flooring. Engineered bamboo floor is good for places that have a high rate of humidity as it is able to withstand moisture quite well. Therefore, if the homeowner lives near the sea or the waterfront, this type of flooring works out to be a good option. This when bought comes to the owner in forms of plies. The plies in the engineered bamboo indicate the amount of layers and more the layers the harder and sturdier is this flooring. Natural bamboo is the most perfect and safest of flooring to have around. It has unique grains that are not found in any other kind of flooring. It is a perfectly natural way to have sturdy and stain resistant flooring. Natural bamboo can be distinguished by its appearance which is blonde or creamy. It adds the right amounts of brightness to interiors because of its color.
  • Solid bamboo can have horizontal or vertical grains in it. The amber color that is predominant in this kind of flooring is got by steaming the bamboo stalks long before they undergo processing to be turned into flooring.

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