Hey, I am Maria E. Berkley, a senior designer and developer of “Graft On Clock”, a tool and home improvement related page. I got a graduate degree from Michigan University, where I got a BA in interior design. After studying, I started this blog which is related to how to use tools, tool facts and various homemaking tool using tips and tricks. I try to explore my ideas and experiences about home tool and power tool as well. I provide various types of review of tools, buying guide of tools, how to choose a perfect tool for home, how to use tools smartly, tool guide, pros and cons about home tool, the difference between a home tool and power tool and a lot more about home tool and home improvement methods.

My passion about tools and writing posts about how to use your tools perfectly.
As a mother, I love my kids very much, also I looks after my family very well. Like spent time with my kids and friends. Updates available on Twitter and Facebook Page. Hope this blog helps you.