ABC’s of What NOT to Move

Sometimes there is confusion when you hire a mover to come and pack and eventually deliver your belongings to your new home. Usually, this will revolve around items that the mover simply will not pack up and deliver because it is against their company policy.  These items are either unsafe, require special handling, and/or just can’t be loaded on the moving van.

In order to help people that are going through the process, we prepared the ABC’s of what NOT to move so you can be sure to not have them around when the local Removalists show up on moving day. Well, some of the items are people, animals, and valuables that you can have around just don’t expect the movers to handle any of those. LOL (hands off).

Aerosal cans, ammonia, or ammunition cannot be transported.

Batteries (car, boat, motorcycle, or RV)

Charcoal/lighter fluid and other flammable chemicals

Darkroom chemicals

Extinguishers (fire extinguishers)

Fertilizers or fireworks (just a really bad idea)

Guns (unless in a gun safe)

Household batteries (a few are okay but not too many)

Ice – Sounds crazy but freezer items including ice belong in an ice chest and with you

Jewelry – too high of a risk of loss


Lead based paints, Liquid bleach, Loaded guns


Nail Polish

Oil – motor oils or really any oils should be avoided

Plants, poisons, or prescription drugs

Quaaludes (or any drugs especially of the illegal variety)

Refrigerated foods

Sand, stones, or other landscaping

Tanks (especially propane tanks)

Utility boxes (cable company boxes, etc.)

Valuables – those should go with you not the mover

Window treatments that are attached to the house

Xbox and other electronics you don’t want broken

You will be responsible for moving yourself

Zoo – Okay no animals those ALL go with you (feel free to leave pests behind).

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