What To Look For When Deciding On A Real Estate Agent For Your New Home

It can be fun and exciting in purchasing a new home, but there are a lot of details and information that you should know up front, too. Having a real estate agent to help you especially if you are a first time home buyer can benefit you in the long run. When you use a real estate agent, they can help share information that you may not have known before and be of assistance to you so that you don’t make any mistakes with your purchase. A big thanks goes to Next Level Removal, a business removals Sydney for preparing these tips for us.

Check with friends and family

One way to find a real estate agent is to check with friends and family or close acquaintances for referrals. Sometimes, word of mouth can be one of the best ways to find ideal services. Family and friends are often one of the best sources you can use to get information.

Getting to know the real estate agent

Once you find a possible real estate agent, schedule a “getting to know you” type of interview. This way you can find out how they do business, their services and the types of fees that they have. You should have a list of questions ready that will help you determine if the agent is suitable for you or not.

Some of the questions that you should bring with you to ask should include:

  • How long have you been in business? This can help determine a real estate’s expertise and show how dedicated they are to their clients and the real estate business. Those who just got into the business may just be getting their feet wet, but may have new knowledge. Agents who have been in business for years know about “jumping through the hoops,” and any complications that could come along the way. Expertise could be the key in finding your next agent.
  • What is your average sales price range? Having a realtor who can meet your budget demands is more satisfying and less stressful in the end. If your agent likes to find homes that are high priced on the market, but shows them to you anyway, he doesn’t have respect for your budget. While seeing these type of homes are nice, you want something you know that you can have-not dream for. Also, knowing their average sales price can help you in making negotiations with prices and closing costs.
  • Do you have any references? It’s good to check the background of a real estate agent. You might even Google their name on the web too. You want a realtor that you can trust and not one who is interested in making a fast deal. A good realtor will take time in finding a home that suits both you and your family, as well as your budget. One that talks to fast, and is interested in a lot of the money side, may not care about your demands or what you can afford. When a realtor can offer some references, it shows that they are trustworthy and have good relationships with other people.


Overall, a realtor that you can trust, and is helpful, is someone that you want helping you find a home. Buying a home can be especially overwhelming to new home buyers. When someone is there to help take you through the process and explain each step, it makes the world of difference. By having a list of questions up front, it can assist you with finding a realtor that will help you meet your needs in buying a home.

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