10 Easy Ways To Reduce Laundry


Whether it’s laundry for one or for a large family, reducing the amount can benefit us all. Working these tips into your daily life will help make this task, dreaded laundry, a bit easier. If only just buying new clothes were an option!


Simple and Effective Tips For Reducing Laundry


1) Wear pieces of clothing more than once before washing. This does not count for intimates and socks. Change those up at least daily. If you didn’t get anything on it and it doesn’t stink, fold or hang it up and wear again.


2) Use your bath towel more than once. “I don’t want to wipe my behind and then my face! You’re so gross!” Meh – use a small hand towel for your face. And next time, make sure you wash all of your unmentionables so it isn’t such an appalling idea. In this house everyone showers at least daily, and usually between dinner and bed time.


3) Wash your bedding once a week…maybe every two weeks. Bedding can be a hassle. The bedding from the master bedroom is washed once a week, and about every other time we wash the sheets from the twin beds as well. The kids shower at the end of every day so their sheets aren’t filthy – ever. We’re going to exclude the winter-flu incidents.


4) Put those folded clothes away! All of them, every single time. When we’ve left something out, it’s within easy reach for wiping up a spill, getting gunk from the fish tank off your hands, getting your pit’s drool off the couch. You’ll need to take care of those things, yes; you do not need to grab a bath towel just because it’s handy. Use the right tool for the job. Hand towels, napkins, sponges – they’re small and they take up less room in the washer. The extra one minute to get the right thing 8 times a week may save you a whole load of laundry. Plus, your place looks neater when there aren’t clothes scattered willy-nilly.


5) Don’t wash your pillows. Gross? No, there is an alternative. Put them in a large plastic garbage bag and toss them in the freezer overnight. When my kids were young, we lived in an upstairs apartment with a secure balcony. During the winter, I’d put pillows and stuffed animals in garbage bags and leave them there at least one night. If your concern is directed towards mites, freeze the items and then toss them in the dryer on high heat. Your pillows and stuffed animals will last longer this way.


These Also Help


Easy Ways To Reduce Laundry


6) Don’t buy clothes that need to be dry cleaned.


7) Schedule your laundry day. If you’re going around looking for things to wash every day, you will find something to wash every day. Stop doing that and plan ahead. I know that I can do all of the laundry in a single day, once a week. I tried setting a certain day, but things came up. I’ve given myself some leeway; I am going to do the laundry at least once every 10 days. Now that school’s back in session I usually don’t go more than 7 days.


8) Sort out your old clothes. Sometimes we forget to re-home our clothes that don’t fit anymore. Why do we keep them? Because we’ve spent money on them and they’re still good, even if they aren’t still good for us. Freecycle, donate, re-purpose, or sell old items. Get them out of closets and dressers if they’re already out of your wearing-rotation. This can stop you from trying something on and setting aside for later – only to forget it’s been out and see hand or paw prints, dust, gook, or something unidentifiable on there. You didn’t wear it and now you still have to wash it.


9) Stop doing partial loads. The process is the same, the time spent is close to the same, and you’re taking care of less in that amount of time.


10) Put articles of clothing on hangers. This saves you from having to fold everything. There are some items that hold up better when folded (like sweaters).


That’s all for my Easy Ways To Reduce Laundry. Sometimes Doing Your Laundry By Hand might be a good idea.

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