Bamboo floors are rapidly becoming a popular choice of home owners. Whether you already have bamboo or happen to have them under consideration for your home, you will be interested to know that bamboo floors care is easier and offers some important structural advantages over hardwood.

bamboo floors care

What makes bamboo flooring different?

It is easily done, but none-the-less wrong to lump bamboo flooring in with hardwood. Bamboo is in fact a grass, and because it is, bamboo has its own unique properties and comes to us by way of an unusual manufacturing process that sets it apart.

Bamboo grasses do not grow solid like a tree so cannot be harvested in pieces large enough to use for flooring boards. The stalks are cut into strips then precision milled to squared lengths.

Multiple squared lengths are bonded together in layers to form “boards” which are in turn milled to a profile resembling hardwood flooring strips. The flooring strips are sold either natural blond or smoked to varying tones of darkness. All are top coated with a durable, clear finish.

Properly installed, you have the warmth and luxury appearance of fine hardwood with the ease of floor care and maintenance only possible with bamboo floors.



Deterioration of the coating of clear urethane on the surface of your bamboo is attributable to the abrasive action of dirt, sand, and other grit that makes its way into your home. Keep a fine fiber broom handy for regular cleanup of this and other debris.

Periodic vacuuming will do a more complete job. Frequency will depend upon the amount of traffic in your home. It is a good idea to put down a shoe cleaning mat at every entry door.

For the sake of cleanliness and appearance you should wash your floor from time to time after running the vacuum. Any no rinse, clear drying cleaner such as a dish washing liquid mixed with clean water will do.

Unlike hardwood floors, bamboo fibers are not subject to swelling, dishing and grain raising problems caused by moisture. The important thing here is to avoid leaving a cloudy or streaky detergent build up on the clear finish, so avoid cleaners that contain oil, acidic or caustic ingredients. It’s really quite easy if you just spend a little time reading the labels.

Another good idea is to make the effort to find a good quality micro fiber floor mop. From the very first time you damp mop your floor with one of these you will agree it’s worth it. The super fine fabrics soak up and hold dirt and grime, leaving a clean, clear surface that’s dry in minutes.

Never apply wax to your floor. Don’t even be tempted to try it out to improve the shine. Wax can cause adhesion problems even years after it was applied if refinishing is ever required.

Remember, Bamboo is definitely harder than the hardwoods most commonly used for flooring, so it will withstand more pressure before denting and gouging, but the surface finish applied to both is about the same. Most gummy and gooey soiling can be easily removed by applying ice until they become brittle, then giving a scrape.

A small investment in felt coaster pads that adhere to the bottom offurniture legs will buy years of added life to the finish on your bamboo floor. Next to the abrasive action of grit, scratches caused by moving unprotected furniture about causes the most noticeable damage to your floor, even if damage to the actual bamboo is negligible.



Should it come to it, refinishing your bamboo floor is a fairly easy project to complete? Because you won’t have to deal with such problems as cupping caused by excessive moisture or filling gaps resulting from shrinkage during extended periods of dryness, heavy sanding and special equipment isn’t necessary. What you will be doing is clarifying and refreshing the protective surface finish to make your bamboo look like new. If you are handy, it can be done without the help of a professional contractor.

Start with a light sanding of the existing surface. Rough it up enough to allow newly applied layers of liquid urethane to grab hold and create a firm bond. You can accomplish this with 100 grit paper rubbed back and forth along the length of the bamboo strips. Do an entire room at a time? When complete, vacuum well, and then use a slightly dampened cloth to pick up every last speck of the powdery white sanding dust that remains. It is very important to allow the surface to dry completely. If it isn’t, moisture trapped below the new surface can effect adhesion or cause clouding.

It is probably best to apply a solvent based urethane. These allow a much longer open time or working time than water based urethanes. Use a lamb’s wool applicator pad. They make it easy to apply an even coat that is thin enough to avoid pooling, but heavy enough to flow smoothly into the sanding scuff marks. Don’t use a roller because they cause bubbles to form.

Allow a full 24 but not more than 48 hours drying time before applying the second coat. Two coats is sufficient to give you a sparkling-like-new floor. The longer you can wait to let the surface dry and cure before returning furniture into place, the better.


This article throws light on various aspects of hard-wooden flooring focusing on how to choose it and also how to maintain it in the long run. The selecting process for your home or office is simply a matter of having the facts, comparing the types, and selecting a professional to do the job. There are so many factors to consider when shopping for types and materials like bamboo, parquet, laminate or vinyl. Let’s start…

Install Hardwood Floors

The look, feel and even the sound of real hardwood is important.

Everyone knows the longevity that these floors have. They can be refinished several times and they will look like a new one.

Install Hardwood Floors will last a lifetime; the investment will be for a lifetime.

Certainly hardwood floors will stand up to the demands of everyday life due to their durability.

The fact that hardwood floors need special care and maintenance. Installation is not a simple task and we do recommend hardwood professionals do it.

Other factors are important as well as the types of hardwood floors. Usually they come in a variety of three types: Parquet, plank and strip.

  • Parquet Design: This kind of flooring normally comes in standard patterns of 6×6”. Sensational geometric effects can be achieved with special parquet design patterns.
  • Plank: Difference between this hardwood floor is that flooring boards are at least 3 inches wide. Installation method is by screwing the plank floor to the sub floor as well as nailed. Screw holes can be covered with wooden plugs.
  • Strip: This floor is used for the majority of installations. Strips usually are 2-1/4 inches wide, but also come in widths ranging from 1-1/2 inches to 3-1/4 inches. Nailing to the sub floor makes installation.

Small changes in your home’s relative humidity can affect the solid wood flooring, which expands and contracts depending on the humidity. Normally, hardwood floor professional installers leave an expansion gap between the floor and the wall in order to compensate for this movement.


Installing Hardwood Floors, what grade of hard wood is for me?

The term grading is important when we want to get a hardwood floor. Grading refers to the system used by manufacturers to determine the appearance of hard wood floors. Depending on what part of the tree the wood comes from, we obtain different colors.

Also the grain pattern is determined by species and how the wood is cut. Hardwood can be cut from a log in several directions; tangent to the annual rings or radial across the rings.

Both have advantages depending on the purpose and the style we want to get.

The quality of the log is basic for one great final hardwood floor look and feel. A finish process will protect your floor from everyday wear and dirt. In order to enhance its beauty, there are two types of finishes: surface finishes or penetrating finishes:

  • Surface finishes are durable, they resist moisture, and are easy to maintain. They are also cheaper than penetrating finishing. It works by applying a stain to achieve a particular color, followed by a topcoat of polyurethane or varnish to give a protective coat.
  • Penetrating finishes (penetrating stain and wax) are a bit more expensive than surface finishes. However, the hardwood will last longer as well. It’s easy to explain how they apply this technique. Penetrate the wood to form a protective seal. The stains soak in to provide color, and a wax coating gives a low-gloss satin sheen that can be maintained with additional thin application.

No matter what type of finish you apply to your floor, be as they are, you will notice the big difference on hardwood; with or without any finish applied. I hope you’ve learned more about how to lay real wood flooring in the house.


The grace and charm of Wooden Floors

When it comes to flooring, wood has been a preferred choice of most of the population, be it the rich or the poor. Everyone likes the idea of having at least a small area in their house that has wooden flooring on it. It is a costly affair but the preference for the elegance always takes charge and leaves the cost angle behind. Well, mostly!

You need to be very careful when you choose hardwood. Your also need to understand how to install, maintain and repair these floors. Otherwise, it can be a very tedious effort. Some education in this area will help.


Let’s look at the merits of wooden flooring

To begin with, as soon as you install any kind of wooden flooring, the value of your property automatically increases. This increase is significant, and a house owner would like to take advantage of this aspect.

Moreover, you also have the choice of many colors and shades for your flooring requirement.

This type can work well in a traditional or a modern environment. You can complement a rug or a carpet and this will look equally good on your floor. It not only looks elegant but also rich in nature.

The look counts and visitors and guests can make out the big difference with these enhancements. It also gives a warm look and feel to your house which is well appreciated.

Let’s go shopping…

Before you decide to shop, you may want to think about the following aspects.

The cost of the wood would vary according to the choice you make. However, you also need to look at the budget you have in mind for this purpose. So you could end up spending too much for the wood right in the beginning. On the flip side you could be on a saving mission and end up with poor quality wood that may not be durable in the long run. So you need to be able to strike a balance here, if you have a budget limitation.

Be aware of this and then take a decision accordingly. If you are confused at this stage, it is better to look for professional help or you could also ask reliable friends who have installed wooden flooring in their houses. This would be the best way to solve this problem. Again, do not buy from the first shop you step into. Check a few shops locally, get a feel of what’s available and then make the purchase. That’s the ideal way to shop for hardwood floors.


Caring, Cleaning and Polishing Hardwood

Once you have got the wooden flooring installed, you need to know some things to take care of the same. Here is how…

The life of the flooring is usually between ten to 25 years. This mainly depends on the quality of the wood and how you take care of it in. Apart from dusting and cleaning, there are different types of pastes and solutions available in the market for caring and polishing the wooden surface. This helps in a big way to maintain the floor.

One must be wary of the fact that not all of these are good and so you need to check what works in your situation. Also don’t pull hard surfaces on the flooring as this will leave a mark that may be difficult to repair.

Remember, once a mark always a mark on your hardwood floors! This needs to be drilled into your mind and you will automatically take care of the flooring.


Bamboo for Decorating

Bamboo flooring is the revolution on the design world. It’s brighter than pine, more lightweight than oak, bamboo flooring brings a tropical glow to any room. Bamboo flooring creates space where once there was shadow. If you have already made a great investment in design, but you want to complement your home with perfect flooring, bamboo floor is your choice.

Bamboo Flooring

Why install the same hardwood floor like so many others? Choose the right kind and you won’t believe the fresh air that your home will get. Most people think that flooring is expensive and they can’t afford it. Finding the right supplier is the best option.

Bamboo flooring, like many other flooring can be a tricky business, however it won’t be whether you get on board with someone who knows the flooring market.

Don’t spend your entire budget on the unique supplier you already know, there are plenty of them, don’t stop looking for the best price, you can get a brilliant new floor for less money than you thought.


Bamboo flooring suppliers

Find a trusted bamboo supplier to give your house a makeover with beautiful bamboo. Bamboo flooring supplier is really the way to go when finding the right hardwood floor for a sleek floor update. These suppliers know what they are doing and we should trust them. Finding a trusted supplier is easy. You can find one on Internet. There are many bamboo wood suppliers that offer good price for a high quality product.

Since you are considering finding the right wood flooring for your house, you will find that the options are aplenty. You might consider a floating hardwood floor, a Brazilian cherry hardwood floor, an oak hardwood floor or a bamboo hardwood floor. All are beautiful and comfortable in their unique way and allow you to express your personal style in a prominent yet subtle way.

Bamboo flooring is one of the most beautiful materials in today’s design community. Bamboo is a strong material, light, and filled with brilliant details. This inimitable grain, which is setting off throughout nice homes is becoming as smoothly as the original purchase. Buying bamboo flooring through the right people will have a foundation to last a lifetime.

As with many pieces of furniture in the house, we highly recommend reading reviews from people, magazines and manufacturers. You will find bamboo floor reviews in almost every flooring specialized website. Apart from this short review, we have reviewed bamboo shades, perhaps the best complement to your bamboo decorating ideas.

Properly installed, you will have the warmth and luxury appearance of fine hardwood with the ease of floor care and maintenance only possible with bamboo. Read our tips on bamboo floor cleaning and products needed.


Flooring is the way for many decorators to make the total look of a house. Some decorators are moving away from wall-to-wall carpeting, which some years ago was the most important technique used to cover house floors or just specific rooms.

Here, at home decorating reviews, we try to help giving you tips and ideas regarding flooring, carpeting and hardwood floors. Please, do not hesitate and visit as many sections as you need to answer your questions.

 Flooring in your House

How to transform your home with the latest looks?

There has never been more choice of floor coverings, with the latest looks featuring patterns and textures to complement your decorating scheme. Find the right type and it will enhance the look, however get it wrong and it’s an inexpensive mistake.

This is why we recommend getting information on everything regarding flooring before buying. First of all, ask yourself a few questions including:

Will the flooring get a lot of wear and tear? Does it need to have special qualities, such as being waterproof or providing soundproofing?

Would you prefer an eye-catching design or a neutral backdrop? With all these questions in mind, try to answer them before you invest in any floor covering, use our site to find the flooring that will look good too your eyes.


Home decorating reviews: flooring

Take a look at the different home decorating reviews sections and obtain the information that you need:

  • Add impact with wood-effect laminate flooring. Easy to care for laminates suit most rooms, except those that are prone to getting very wet, such as bathrooms. This article provides a lot of tips on the factors you need to consider before installing laminate flooring in your house. It also gives information on the errors that you need to be careful about while going in for laminate floor installation.
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  • Buying discount hardwood flooring doesn’t mean you lose quality. This type of flooring is every bit as clean, elegant and strong as its more expensive counterparts. Therefore, make a deep search on the market before making your final investment in any hardwood floor. How to find quality and elegance for your home’s floor? Go to your hardwood local store. How to find all features as well as at affordable prices? Read the following discount hardwood flooring article and you will become an expert on flooring.
  • Bamboo floors are rapidly becoming a popular choice of home owners. Do you know how to keep your bamboo looking like the first day? more about Care for Bamboo Floors.
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  • Read about cork flooring and its advantages. It emphasizes on the environment friendly and durable features of cork flooring and also talks about how it is an alternative to hardwood flooring.
  • Armstrong Laminate Flooring. It focuses on the elegant look, easy installation methods and durability of the leader floor manufacturer.

Home decorating reviews: rugs and carpets

  • Keep your floor looking good taking special care for your carpets. If you, as a homeowner want to learn how to maintain your carpet, follow the expert tips to ensure your floors stay in a great condition. Learn more about routine maintenance, treating stains as well as oil based stains. Read more at carpet cleaning.
  • How to make your room more comfortable? Just adding an area rug, which will do the same thing but over a larger space. There are plenty of area rugs styles, sizes, pattern and materials, from small rugs that are placed in front of the sink and toilet, to wide area rugs placed on the living room floor as the perfect complement to the fireplace and sofas. Area rugs have the power to unify a room, our carpets and rugs section give you everything concerning tips, ideas and maintenance of rugs and carpets, go to the answers for all your questions on rugs!


One of the hottest trends in decorating can be found right beneath your feet. Flooring can seem simple with only a handful of choices available. One of these choices, hardwood floors, is breaking new ground.

Exotic hardwood flooring is gaining in popularity as the desire to possess something truly unique is at the forefront of every designer and consumer ‘s mind.

Exotic Hardwood Floors

Traditional hardwood floors can be static and downright boring, but with the options that are available with exotic hardwood floors there will be no more embarrassment from having something so out of date and blasé.

Often times the subject of floors are overlooked and even taken for granted, which is a shame when options such as exotic hardwood floors are available.


Exotic Hardwoods provide an array of design options and flavors. Most of these hardwoods come from places such as South America as well as Africa, Australia and many other countries.

Differing grains, colors, and patterns are found in exotic hard woods. Some of them like the Olivewood from Brazil feature yellows and oranges while having dark green tones that can be used to bring out the color and contrast to any interior design.

Other exotic hardwoods offer other unique qualities that can add just the right touch to a décor.  Exotic flooring can be just what any home needs to gain that truly wondrous and breathtaking appeal.

There are numerous options available with their own qualities and attributes. Take time to browse through the options and be open to any opportunity presented.


Discount hardwood flooring is the answer for those who really wanted to have a real hardwood floor. Many of us are thinking to install a new hardwood floor but we couldn’t afford those expensive prices because we have a limited budget.

If you are planning to have a wood floor in more than one room, then buying your hardwood at a discount will save you a great deal of money. Now, with discount hardwood flooring, we get just one problem, to choose the style that more fits into our home.

best Hardwood Flooring

The choice of beautiful, real woods has never been wider, with richer, grainer woods being particularly popular. As with all flooring, discount hardwood flooring doesn’t mean to buy sub-standard quality, but to buy the best quality hardwood floor at affordable price, saving a great deal of money.

In fact, some hardwood providers try to confuse customers selling non-quality hardwood, therefore it’s very important that you make sure that the wood flooring you are getting is the real thing.


How to buy the best hardwood flooring?

There are different ways to achieve excellent hardwood floors installed onto your room. One way is to buy the unfinished lumber and finish it yourself. Unfinished floors can come with their own set of advantages. Imagine that you want to match your floor to a preexisting item in the room, such as furniture, other wood floors, or decorations, you may benefit from choosing an unfinished hardwood floor. All in all, you can become your own designer finishing by your own all your furniture.

Have clear that each hardwood floor manufacturer constructs their floors differently; in fact, some wood floors are mainly known by the name of manufacturer, instead of material’s name. You could profit this feature buying hardwood at discount prices simply because a company is going out of business. It has happened because some suppliers can pass on savings because they buy huge quantities of hardwoods at a time.

You might want the best price for your hardwood floor, of course discount flooring will help on this task, however there exists a danger as well, in a short term this may seem to be the best idea to save money, keep in mind that the floor you install today will be the floor you have to live with for a long time.

Therefore, you should make sure when you buy a hardwood floor, and be happy with it before and after the deal, otherwise you may be setting yourself up for hours and hours of maintenance as well as extra refinishing and fixing costs. It might happen that discount hardwood flooring become a really expensive floor as well as a nightmare just for saving a few bucks.


Bruce hardwood floors are known along the world for their quality and high style across a wide palette. However, why to select Bruce hardwood floors instead of other brands, well will try to explain it along this article.

As we’ve said before, Bruce is the number one, bestselling and most recognized hardwood flooring in the world. Most of us know their tradition as well as Bruce allows us to bring an affordable and luxury hardwood floor into our homes.

Bruce hardwood floors

Some special topics are basic for understand the quality of hardwood flooring; Bruce hardwood floors feature all of them with an excellent quality.

We can obtain hardwood floors in different species such as pine, cherry or pecan. Like many others hardwood floor manufacturers, Bruce allow us to choose between solid and engineered flooring. Solid is installed normally installed over a wood sub-floor. Engineered are used generally where the hardwood floor needs to adhere to the sub-floor. Durability is an important feature that all floors should feature. They are designed to last years, even decades. However, Bruce hardwood floors are manufactured for last a lifetime.



As a homeowner, you’d like to keep your floor in a good shape and looking new. There are many ways to keep it on a perfect condition. The first and maybe the most expensive is, to phone a specialist on hardwood floors. It’s definitely the best solution for your wood floor, but not for your budget.

Most people can’t afford professional flooring services weekly; however, it’s needed at least once per year. It is necessary to clean a wood floor with a soft broom or vacuum. Every manufacturer has it owns special products for wood maintenance, but what is common for all hardwood floors is the way to clean up.

Use a dry mop with the manufacturer’s recommended product in order to maintain the hardwood floor luster and remember to clean Bruce hardwood floors with a soft broom or vacuum.


The Healthy Tips to Linoleum Installation

While renovating your house if you are looking for a change in the flooring and if you cannot afford much on it, then the most apt choice is Linoleum flooring.

Linoleum flooring is a less expensive choice for flooring. If you are thinking of changing the flooring in your house with linoleum, you can do that all by yourself. You need to take care of basic things and the work will be done. You will need to clean the surface with a vacuum cleaner so that no dirt will remain on the floor. It should be dry as well.

Once you do that you need to choose between the linoleum tile and a sheet. Sometimes laying linoleum tiles may be an easier option. Whatever may your choice be, take measurements of the room very carefully. Once you have the measurements roll out the linoleum sheet and mark it on the linoleum sheet with erasable marker. Leave about an inch extra space before you cut it. You can trim that extra when you install it.

Roll half of the sheet and let the second half flat on the floor. Apply the glue and start rolling the sheet carefully. Once you finish half the room roll up the other half of the sheet and repeat. Make sure that the sheet is attached firmly to the glue and there are no air bubbles left. Let it dry as per the instructions.


Garage flooring may be as important as any room flooring. Most homeowners don’t consider their garage like other room; it’s a shame because the square footage of most garages is as large as or larger than the many of the rooms in the house.

With so many space available in your garage, why don’t keep it in well conditions? Beginning from garage flooring, it might become a different place, you can benefit of it with just a few hard work.

garage flooring

You must take care of your garage floor, no matter what material is already installed onto this floor. In order to get the most use of your garage, you will first to keep it clean from moisture and the elements. Because your garage flooring comes into contact with all kinds of enemies that you may not even be aware of. For instance, a typical customer question uses to be – why my garage floor is unable to hold a coat of paint or most other types of coatings for very long? – Well, everything depends on where your garage flooring woodhouse is placed on.

Garages and therefore garage flooring are placed on the very bottom of the house, the moisture vapor comes up through the ground and, over time, loosens the paint or coating’s bond with the concrete.

Keep your garage flooring as clean as you can. It has so much importance the fact of cleaning. A well maintenance garage floor might be compromised for just as water or any other substance leakage. As you wouldn’t think of keeping your house unprotected from the elements, don’t do the same with garage flooring, keep it as clean as possible whether you want to keep it for a lifetime.

As far as every house is different, every garage floor is different too. Think about the new look of your garage with new flooring. In order to get that different look, you should prepare a garage plan, where the garage flooring will be an important point.

The first step to making solid use of your garage is protecting the structure, having the most suitable floor as well as taking care of it will become the fundamental piece to achieve our first goal, the perfect garage floor finish.

From here, and having a correct garage plan, shortly we will recover our garage to be a new room to make it a space of which you can take full advantage. It will not take that much work to turn an unused garage into a vital part of your house, but remember that garage flooring is the essential part of this new room, choose it carefully.


Hardwood flooring adds elegance and beauty to your home as well as the glow, warmth, and natural look that only wood gives to any room. Hardwood flooring experienced a boom in the decade of 50’s and 60’s. This kind of surface is still very popular due to their durability and insulation properties.

In the real beginning of hardwood flooring installations, there wasn’t any problem for making and installing it onto houses, however some homeowners realized that wood surfaces were not easy-to-care.

The problem came during cleaning and waxing tasks. The norm was to get down on one’s hands and knees to clean, wax and polish the floors. That norm didn’t like too much to homeowners who couldn’t afford a housecleaner, therefore only rich people were able to afford wood floors.

Hardwood flooring

Preserve the real wood

If you finally decide to install hardwood flooring onto any of your rooms, or you want to replace your entire home flooring surface to add an elegant wood floor, you should know some basic rules, which will help you for perfect hardwood maintenance.


  • Routine maintenance: A hardwood floor needs little in the way of maintenance to keep it looking great, providing it’s been waxed and sealed. In fact, it usually improves with age. A daily sweep or vacuum is all that is needed to remove loose dirt, however for a thorough clean use mop and a natural, soap-based cleaner and wiring out the mop well before using. Don’t forget to place furniture or pads under heavy items in order to prevent dents.


  • Stain removal: If elbow grease isn’t shifting a stain or, worse still, something like ink has soaked in, sand the area with grade 80 sandpaper, then re-sand and smooth with grade 220. To finish, clean with natural soap and leave to dry.



New technologies for hardwood flooring advancements

Today’s advancements in hardwood flooring let homeowners to add hardwood flooring in almost any area in the home. These great forward movements on hardwood such as advancements in finish technologies and superior construction techniques manufacturers of hardwood floors are able to produce tougher finishes and more stable products.

This means quality engineered hardwood floors can go in any almost room in the home and over a wide variety of sub-floors, including dry, fully-cured concrete slabs.


Everyone knows that beauty’s in the eye of the beholder. That’s why some companies offer you a wide range of elegant floors, all with a natural look and feel. Hardwood floors allow you to design your home exactly as you want; dark or light, broad or narrow planks, merbau or Oak, it’s all up to you. Hardwood floors have the warranty for a lifetime; choose hardwood flooring for your home!